If you've been given the link to this page, you are a friend or a family member of mine.  I've decided to give people I love the opportunity to get a piece of my work at a price that works for them (and me).  Any artwork you purchase will retain market value no matter what price you've paid. Please refrain from sharing this link or the details of our transaction.  I've cleared this Friends + Family sale with the art dealers and galleries that I'm working with but I ask for your discretion as it's imperative that my work continues to hold its value in the marketplace.  

I simply wanted to move some of my inventory and thought I'd pass on a good deal to you. 

When you click on a thumbnail, a larger image will appear.  The current bid will be listed. If you'd like to bid, take note of the name of the piece and click "Place Bid" and a form will open.  Fill in your details and your bid. 

Once I receive your bid I will review and decide if I'd like to sell it at that price.  If so, I'll contact you and it's yours! 

I understand that you may have not seen the work in person and so if it doesn't work in your space or is different than you expected - no problem - there is no obligation to buy.

Thank you and I hope you find something you like!